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Kayleigh is the Editor of MONO. and lives in Peterborough, UK. Hailing from a working-class background, she is a qualified paralegal with first-class honours in English Lit and Creative Writing and is about to embark on an MA in Publishing at The London College of Communication. She won the Bridport Student Voices Competition in 2021, has a modest number of journal publications, and is working on her debut novel. She has terrible taste in TV and thought up the idea for MONO. while watching re-runs of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in her pyjamas during lockdown (but don't tell anyone). Her literary tastes are varied but favourites include Larkin, Bukowski, James Frey, Kurt                        Vonnegut, anything grubby and real. She actually believes that MONO. is the next New Yorker so please don't burst her bubble.

She also takes bribes.


Tina is Assistant Editor and is definitely the classiest person you will ever meet. She is also from Peterborough (much nicer part than K) and is the proprietor and director of an award-winning Hair and Beauty Academy in the city. Tina has first-class honours in English Lit and Creative Writing and has authored a number of academic publications which are used for teaching nationally. Tina enjoys writing short fiction and poetry and is heavily involved in selecting poetry for the magazine, ensuring the final print is error-free and just bloody lovely. Much like herself.

She's way too nice to consider bribes.

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