'A Good Walk Spoiled' by Tom Barlow

Updated: Jun 12

I am commiting suicide with a five iron/

I can feel little bits of me inside catching fire

with every inept swing / cauterizing whatever

part of my brain that thought there might be

joy found in such warfare / I can imagine

the days when savages fought by smacking

small rocks with big clubs at one another

from one hundred fifty yards out with a

ten mile an hour sidewind and

a sand trap in the adjacent rough / and

that image is as ridiculous as a grown man

with a metal rod paying handsomely for

the opportunity to smack himself on the forehead

when his ball flies directly toward the only

water hazard on the entire course / and I come

to the conclusion, yet again, that I would be best served

by walking to that pond bank / drowning my bag /

then my wallet / then myself.

Copyright. Tom Barlow.

Tom Barlow is an Ohio author of poetry, short stories and novels. His work has appeared in journals including PlainSongs, Ekphrastic Review, Voicemail Poetry, Hobart, Tenemos, Redivider, Aji, The New York Quarterly, The Remington Review, Aurora Review, and many more. See more at