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'Almirah' by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Few people have a wooden almirah

some have a plastic almirah and

some have a steel almirah.

I have a relationship almirah.

It's not so glowing and glossy;

not filled with precious stones and jewels,

but with tons of memorable smiles.

It's scented with the happiest moments of my life,

the fragrance of those moments rejuvenates.

I unlock my relationship almirah

to unveil its product highlights,

it has a durable build where

relationships endure and stand the test of time.

It has an elegant design of staggered platforms

where thought patterns are elevated to love, support,

forget and forgive the mistakes of people in my life.

It has organised shelves

comprising friends and family,

each of them having and enjoying

their own space in my life;

the joys and pleasures

are stored inside a durable safety locker.

This almirah is tension and stress-resistant

and comes with a lifetime warranty.

My almirah has no price tag attached to it

for it is made of emotions,

carved and crafted with love and affection,

devoid of ego and jealousy,

decorated and painted with the

sweetest moments of life.

*Almirah - wardrobe

Copyright. Kavitha Krishnamurthy.

Kavitha currently works as a Team Leader in an IT company in Chennai, India. Apart from work, she is also a Hobby Artist / Writer, spending her free time writing poems, articles and painting. She looks at painting and writing as a platform to give color and shape to her creativity and imagination.

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1 Comment

Ezil Selvan
Ezil Selvan
Nov 26, 2021

Wish you frequently unlock your relationship Almirah and enjoy the richness of the every precious assests you earned and stored in every partitions/ of the almirah you mentioned.. celebrate 🍾 cheers.

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