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'At the Bottom of the Tiny Bottle' by Yuu Ikeda

She is looking up at the blue petals,

at the bottom of the tiny bottle.

She imagines that

these petals fall on her

and celebrate her freedom

by soaring around her.

The invisible shape of the bottle

keeps her from running around

like a child does.

The inhumane wall of the bottle

never allows her to stretch

like a child does.

But she doesn't stop imagining that

these blue hopes flow into the tiny bottle

and soak into her veins

to release her from the transparent Hell.

All Rights. Yuu Ikeda.

Yuu Ikeda is a Japan-based poet. She loves writing, drawing, and reading mystery novels. She writes poetry on her website. Her published poems can be found in <Selcouth Station Press>,

<New Note Poetry>,

<Remington Review>, and more. Her poetry collection, “The Palette of Words” has been published by Lighted Lake Press. Her Twitter and Instagram : @yuunnnn77

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