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'Book Club' by Carla Sarett

I was talking about

Mrs. Dalloway.

Emma said Dylan really needs

Ritalin really.

Jane said Ritalin didn’t stop

Jimmy really.

Adam drove a knife

through my new painting

right where the mouth is,

Lilian said, really.

I said, your painting, really.

Jane said, a knife, really.

Emma said, the mouth, really.

Really, Lilian said.

All rights. Carla Sarett.

Carla Sarett is a poet and fiction writer based in San Francisco. A Closet Feminist, a novel, appears in February, 2022 (Unsolicited Press); and She Has Visions, her debut full-length poetry collection appears in November (Main Street Rag Press.) Recent poems appear in UnLost, Prole, Thimble, and Gyroscope.

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