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'Brothel' by Thomas M. McDade

Ashtrays overflow

Tobacco’s the call

Few lungs can resist

For leftover panting

Marlboro incense

Nipple filter tips

Plug some ears

Flute charmed

Cellophane strip

Stockings molt

Forked-stick fantasies

Low hissing tongues

Mirror unfolding

Paper tube weds

Finger skin

Kisses a candle

Flatters our faces

Because we are


Copyright. Thomas M. McDade.

Thomas M. McDade is a seventy-six-year-old resident of Fredericksburg, VA, and a graduate of Fairfield University, CT. McDade is twice a U.S. Navy Veteran, serving ashore at the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA, and at sea aboard the USS Mullinnix, DD-944, and the USS Miller FF-1091. His poetry has most recently appeared in Scars Publications.

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