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'Come March' by Jay Douglas

In the winter when I leave

and the frost pulls a veil

over the air I breathe,

a billowed white curtain

whispered from my stung lips,

the iced kiss of the morning.

I force my hands further

into the cushioned depths

of tissues and receipts,

feel your arm slide

between the wedged door

of elbow and body, to reel

me in and rest your precious

locks against my shoulder.

Snuggling into myself

with a vision of you beside

I potter from task to task,

never truly as alone

as I appear to the masses

that swarm this town

of misplaced adults.

I see visions of children

hanging from suit sleeves

and mother's pencil skirt,

I see lovers holding

each other in their palms,

all of them with a better

somewhere patiently,

awaiting their return,

like dormant buds

awaiting springs warmth.

All Rights. Jay Douglas.

Jay Douglas is 34 years old from Medway, Kent. He currently lives in Maidstone with his wife and son.

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