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'ElimS-Smile' by Arik Mitra

Swimming pathos

washes dust, off hardened skin

on his bony frame, hasn't eaten

in a week or so, still has

knitted to his lips, that soothing smile,

poverty's great, treasure it is,

one that never comes, neither goes,

just stays as if born with it, he was,

prized infancy.

All Rights. Arik Mitra.

Arik Mitra lives in Kolkata, India. An IT professional, he has been writing for three years now. He writes mainly short stories and poetry in English and Bengali (mother tongue). His work has been published by Clarendon House Publications, Red Penguin Books, Rosey Ravelston Books-Dyst Journal, Writers and Reader's Magazine and more.

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Cierra Ardolf
Cierra Ardolf
May 13, 2022
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