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'Find the Faulty Sentence' by Sára Bányai

This war used to be fought, now it’s history.

This skirt used to be an M, now it's an XS.

This city used to be beautiful, now it’s underwater.

This person used to have cancer, now she’s a mom.

This person used to be poor, now he’s poor.

This music used to be cool, now it’s racist.

This car used to have wheels, now it’s flying.

This animal used to be free, now it’s the last one alive.

All Rights. Sára Bányai.

Sára Bányai is in her final year of studying Theatre and Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She was born in Hungary and most of her works explore the female experience, the borders of languages, and culture with a surreal twist. She loves cats, talking spiders, and words with unsatisfying translations.

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