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Halloween Blog

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

'Little Red Riding Hood' by Daniel Schulz

Kiss me big bad wolf.

Bite me to death!

Let a meadow full of flowers be our bed,

the place where birds

watch us like torture porn

singing pop songs of urban crime.

Take a scalpel. Cut me open.

Don’t be worried.

I’ve got insurance.

And we have a crowd

to please.

You see:

It doesn’t matter

what you do to me.

What matters most

is a Happy End,

the essence

of this fairy tale.

Copyright. Daniel Schulz.

'Not Blood but Beer These Days' by Shane Blades

Halloween spreads its dismal dreaming over me

As I wander alone, lonely now

And am surely seduced

By the early hours of silence

That the evening darkly claims

As old Hessle’s streets shuffle

Into a narrowing now

Finding a finality of dead endings

Each miserable and colder than the last

Shrouded into the mists of the aeons

In a bleakness too long forgotten

And certainly not despaired of

Yet still emptied of any humanity

Where no person dare walk alone

On this moonless, airless, sinful night

But hey, where are all the spooks?

And their accompanying spookettes

Where are the longer undead

Unshriven and ungraved

Where is dead Harlequin and Columbine?

Where do these phant