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'I've Stopped Following You on Facebook' by Allen Ashley

I’ve muted you on Facebook.

Every little sniffle, every aching head

and trip to the hospital demands

a heart emoji or a hugs comment

and I’m suffering donor fatigue.

Then there’s Petals the cat. I’m sure

she’s a lovely fluffball but we’ve never

met and never will. So she

had to be taken to the vet? Get her

her own page once she’s discharged.

I’ve cut friends with you on Facebook.

I know that there’s a spectrum

of views post-Brexit and I have my uncertainties

on how the government should proceed

but, really, not everything’s the fault of

Brussels or hard-working migrants.

I can see why some of our police

need to be armed these days but

I’m not in favour of shooting Mexicans,

Democrats and social justice warriors.

And you’ve never even been to America.

I’ve stopped following you on Facebook.

We were great friends and you brightened

up every pub meet, book launch,

conference and workshop. I looked

up to you and never resented

your success. But it’s been three years

now and I don’t want to be reminded

of your birthday or suggestions

that I add you to active groups when

you’re ashes in an urn. How would

that even work?

Copyright. Allen Ashley.

Allen Ashley’s poetry has recently featured or is soon to be published in “dyst Journal”, “Focus” (British Science Fiction Association Journal), “Carmina”, “BFS Horizons” (British Fantasy Society publication) and “Brigids Gate”. He works as a critical reader and creative writing tutor, based in London, UK.

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