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'Internment' by Sandy Phillips

“Listen to me,” said the Devil,

Placing his hand on my heart,

“The dark is waiting for you

Quiet and peaceful and set apart

In the twilight of unhallowed ground.”

“Listen to me,” said the Dark One,

Placing his lips to my ear,

“Hear the church bells lonely toll,

It fills the soul with a terrible fear,

Increasing with the faint thud of earth.”

“Watch for me,” beseeched Beelzebub,

Placing an icy gaze on my grey eyes,

“Even in death there is some sort of life

Urging the bleached bones to rise

In my world, and dance in the cold flames”.

“Touch your world,” said Satan,

Placing his hand on the enclosing pine,

Nails scratched, snatching at the gloom,

Feeling his breath mingle with mine as

I cry out to the departing forms.

As He welcomes me in.

Copyright. Sandy Phillips.

Sandy is a member of the Enfield poets and has written poems and stories from a young age. The Narrow Doorway, a true story about psychic occurrences that have taken place throughout her life, has been published and is available on Amazon. She enjoys entering competitions and also writing articles for magazines. She has read her work at her local theatre to a background of jazz and attends a writing workshop regularly.

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