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'Love Star' by Winston Derden

TY 79-284 became Dawna.

HZ 82-76 is now Cherise.

Gary laid claim to VX 939-40.

Sarah and Donnie received twin stars

FJ 42-76 and -77 for their wedding.

For a mere 34.99 (25 extra for twins),

Star Registry will rechristen

an unclaimed star from a number

to the name your choosing —

a great gift or commemorative — and with

a choice of constellations or your own supernova,

the Registry’s universe is expanding

to include a variety of heavenly bodies:

Kuiper Belt objects, asteroids, planetary moons.

I’ve reserved a black hole in your name.

Copyright. Winston Derden.

Winston Derden is a poet and fiction writer residing in Houston, Texas. His poetry publications include Blue Collar Review, Big River Poetry Review, Barbaric Yawp, Soft Cartel, Plum Tree Tavern, Down in the Dirt, Backchannels, New Reader Magazine, and numerous anthologies. He holds a BA and an MA from the University of Texas, Austin.

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