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Maisie Lossau

All poets longlisted in the 2022 MONO. Poetry Prize have now been informed (she says fingers crossed), however before we share the list, we would like to pay tribute to a very special entrant, Maisie Lossau.

Maisie was a young lady who in 2016, aged just 10 was diagnosed with a brain tumor in her brainstem which after surgery left her unable to move, breathe or eat. After further surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a tracheostomy, Maisie was going from strength to strength. Despite her future being changed forever, she had an amazing brain and enjoyed writing poetry, producing some beautiful pieces.

Maisie’s Mum Dawn entered a poem crafted by her brave daughter into the 2022 MONO. Poetry Prize and though not longlisted, we were so inspired by this young woman’s story that we want to share it with you on the blog.

Maisie sadly passed away unexpectedly last month and all of the MONO. team send our deepest condolences to her family.

If there was ever inspiration to keep on writing, you can find it in Maisie Lossau.

The Lonely Stag

by Maisie Lossau

In a forest on a crisp Autumnal evening,

A collage of leaves kaleidoscopically littered the land.

A lone red, brown stag wandered among the sleeping trees,

Bellowing out as loud as a fog-horn for a mate.

At last a silhouette of a hind in the moonlight gleaming,

A movement showed a shadow of a stag on the hillside grand,

The surrounding forest and its inhabitants resting with ease.

The approaching stags roared out a challenge to decide their fate.

Their antlers crashing together, awoken animals scattering.

The hind looked on as the stags battled with all they could stand,

As a screeching orchestra rose from the trees which carried on the breeze.

The stags continued to rut with one emerging hoping to be her soulmate.

Rain began to weep from the heavens as the injured stag retreated heaving,

As the animals settled back to rest resuming as they were beforehand.

The stag and hind cuddled close feeling each other’s warmth so as not to freeze.

The stars winked down on them as the night drew late.

The lonely stag realised he was lonely no more.

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Sep 23, 2022

I’ve read this numerous times and still gives me goosebumps 💜💚


Sep 22, 2022

Beautiful inspirational poem.

by a truly Awesome Maisie.

#bemoremaisie 💜💚


Dawn Lossau
Dawn Lossau
Sep 19, 2022

Thank you so much, Maisie would have been so proud with appearing on the blog just as much as anything else. We have adapted a saying #bemoremaisie as she truly was an inspiration to everyone 💜💚

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