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MONO X 'Six Ways We Fucked in Metaphor' by Deviant Bates


Two pubic bones walk into a bar

and almost click together

proving transparency

is a drunk leaning.


I crack a smile;

his too.


Deviants come easy as

seduction to Milkboy Arthouse.

Brightside is just one rum coke

spilled secret from confessing.



holds his guitar like a lover.

Eventually I touch him

knowing I’m no muse.


Beer and shots make me revealing.

Trust is a wet dream and I nail him

when I twist his arm like that.

I’d twist tongues even more effectively.


Spines snap on sight and mend through

walking it off and other aphrodisiacs.

All Rights. Deviant Bates.

Deviant Bates is a Texan-Taiwanese writer and poet. Their work reflects upon their experiences regarding madness, grief, and faith. Their work has found homes with Delicate Friends, Poetry Online, and others. They can be found on Twitter @darlingknife.

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