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MONO X 'Wide Open' by Lori Green

You found me there

on top

of you,

of the world.

I longed for nothing

except you

inside of me,

as I watched

you come, after me.

Seduced again,

the gold chain

around my neck

hung between my breasts

as you pumped between my legs.

Before the fall

we flew so high,

my head on a feathered cloud.

I breathed you in,

as you wore me out.

My thighs slick with longing,

and the lingering scent of lust.

You split me

wide open

and I

swallowed you whole.

All Rights. Lori Green.

Lori Green is a Canadian writer who has been writing poetry and dark fiction since she first picked up a pen. Her work has been accepted in various publications including Ghost Orchid Press, Dark Rose Press, Black Hare Press, and more. She studied English Literature at the University of Western Ontario and now lives along the shores of Lake Erie. She is currently working on her first novel. You can follow her on Twitter @LoriG1408 or on Facebook.

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