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'My Brain' by Jerry Robbins

No matter

How often

I lecture my brain

It seems to me

To have its own train

That carries it off

With some vagrant thought

About what there is or what there ought.

To never-never land it goes

Flowers and fantasies

And some detouring woes

Picking up baggage along the way

The gossip going around

And the news of the day

There are few stops

I'm sorry to say

Like Truth and Wisdom

and Light for the day

The conductor is crude

And chews tobacco

Yet he steers the way

And along I must go

Copyright. Jerry Robbins.

Jerry Robbins is a graduate of Gettysburg College, Yale University Divinity School, and the Hartford Seminary Foundation. He is the editor of The Essential Luther (Baker) and the author of Carevision (Judson) and Provocables (C.S.S.). He has published several articles ( The Satirist) and over 100 book reviews.

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