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No B.S. (Compression Sock Blues) by M.P Powers

My son says I have yucky feet.

The truth is I have only one yucky foot.

It’s yucky

because there are tiny beer-drunk

spiders crawling over its surface

and around the ankle.

I don’t know precisely how it started.

And I don’t know why

they’re only on one foot.

I’m only 50.

But that foot’s 70.

The other is 30.

If I were

a percentage, I’d total 100.

But I am no

percentage, I am a human

with a portion

of me that’s yucky,

maybe even disgusting.

Put on some socks,

my son insists.

What he means is I should spare his eyes.

I should spare

both of our eyes.

No one needs my 70-year-old

hoof in their life

is what my son implies.

And reaches for his

Lego Creator Set.

All Rights. M.P Powers.

M.P. Powers lives with one foot in Berlin and one in South Florida. Recent publications include the Columbia Review, Wrongdoing Magazine, Glitchwords, Mayday Magazine, and others. His artwork can be found on Twitter and Instagram @mppowers1132

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