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'Noir Blues' by Susan Cornford

She untwined her long legs, walked over to where he was sitting, watching her, and said the usual thing about a banana. He said he was happy to see her.

They had a long history together and, that night, it was going to get a lot longer.

He felt the heat from her sinuous body as she slowly moved next to him, sniffed at his unfinished drink, and then helped herself voluptuously.

He knew there was nothing that ever could keep them apart.

Then their owner came in with some Tuna for Cats.

Copyright. Susan Cornford.

Susan Cornford is a retired public servant, living in Perth, Western Australia. She has had pieces published or forthcoming in Across the Margin, Adelaide Literary Magazine, AHF Magazine, Akashic Books Fri-SciFi, Altered Reality Magazine, Antipodean Science Fiction, CarpeArte Journal and many more!

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