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'Other World' by Matt Dennison

In my dreams I fly,

make love to unknown women,

take train trips through vast deserts,

run from tornadoes,

lasso tornadoes,

swim violent, majestic oceans,

race motorcycles,

pilot massive airliners low over cities,

resurrect both mother and father,

remove grotesque objects from my body,

fight monsters,

become crippled,

cry heartbreakingly correct tears,

am committed to institutions, jailed,

helped by gurus I don't believe,

return to old buildings with many rooms,

receive fabulous gifts,

make love to known women,

dive to the bottom of bright

ocean floors but what is most

unusual, what is most interesting,

while in this other world

I never smoke, I never drink

and I never write.

All Rights. Matt Dennison.

Matt Dennison is the author of Kind Surgery, from Urtica Press (Fr.) and Waiting for

Better, from Main Street Rag Press. His work has appeared in Verse Daily, Rattle, Bayou

Magazine, Redivider, Natural Bridge, The Spoon River Poetry Review and Cider Press

Review, among others. He has also made short films with Michael Dickes, Swoon,

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