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PDF Flipbook Edition...

We’re changing direction…

The PDF Flipbook edition of the journal will now be available on a pay as you feel basis. Why is that we hear you say? Well, basically we want to spread the MONO. love, to be accessible to everyone regardless of cost and for Issue. 1 to be read and enjoyed by the many! Not only that, it frees everyone to share widely on all platforms.

All PDF subscribers/purchasers will receive a refund. Print edition/subs remain unchanged.

If you enjoy the read and want to support us, please pop a quid or two in the pot via the donate button (top of page) and share, share, share!

We’ll send a link to everyone on the mailing list and it’ll be available through the shop as a £0.00 purchase, so go grab it.

Here’s to breaking the rules. Always.



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