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'Projection' by Tom Weiss

her radiance would immerse me

send me fearlessly down

without suit or snorkel

to a gypsy wagon reef

its fantasia colors surging

an aurora spawning ground,

neons of innocent hues,

tetras like iridescent phalluses

roaming dreamy pink caves

seeking safety and secrets

of numinous origins

as they cruised.

I can still taste each portion

on the silver plate she served

from the left of my resistance

before I saw the mirror.

All Rights. Tom Weiss.

Tom Weiss is a pandemically retired commercial real estate developer, surprisingly grateful for an uninvited transition to a new, purposeful focus on writing. Having once lived with reliably great love and having experienced occasional glimpses of the numinous, he is a focused student and hopeful practitioner of love poems. His publishing history extends all the way back to December 2021. Five poems published in three journals to date.

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