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'Redefining Failure' by David Dumouriez

There ought to be a prize for it -

the sheer uncanny knack of it!

No, not the first of worst in show

but in a sumptuously, elegantly,

effervescently and effortlessly,


most comprehensive way,

I think I’d conquer all.

Every major choice I’ve made,

from seventeen to present day,

has proved, quite diametrically,

the furthest from advised.

The whos, the wheres, the whats

have, with a ruthless unexception

and respect for their convention,

scraped the trough of the mundane.

A relocation to an uninspiring place.

A million words unread.

A million better ones unsaid.

The scores of bloated bodies

left deflated on the way.

Don’t let the jauntiness mislead;

that’s just a means of packaging.

Failure is relentless. One boggy step

that leads on to another, each soft sink

the stripping of a layer.

Copyright. David Dumouriez.

David Dumouriez is a chap without a chapbook. A poet without a pedigree. His Collected Works are freely available to burglars and hackers.

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Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown
Oct 13, 2021

I can relate. To keep writing, chapbook or not is the main thing. This one is good.


David Blumenfeld
David Blumenfeld
Oct 11, 2021

Nice piece, very nice!

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