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'Sopita' by TAK Erzinger

This afternoon I created a reservoir

watched a mezzanine of vegetables form

as it was brought to a boil

that’s when feelings bubbled up inside of me

after the onions had made me cry, I thought

perhaps you haven’t realised

we don’t communicate anymore

like a bruja standing above her caldero

I try to conjure a miracle to feel you close again

in those memories, you would cook for us

I tried to chop things up neatly, like you wanted

and there was your propensity for talking to yourself

I’d rather we spoke to each other

Whatever the recipes, we ate them together

way before I forgot my Spanish and you

decided to binge on processed food

Copyright. TAK Erzinger.

TAK Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Colombian background.

Her poetry has been featured in Bien Acompañada from Cornell University, The Muse

from McMaster University, River and South Review, Welter from University of Baltimore and more. Her debut chapbook entitled, “Found: Between the Trees” was published by

Grey Border Books, Canada 2019. Her unpublished poetry manuscript “At the Foot of the Mountain” was short-listed by the Eyelands Book Awards 2019 and Willow Run Book Awards 2020. It has now been published by Floricanto Press out of California, 2021. She lives in a Swiss valley with her husband and cats.

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