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'Suppose' by Daniel Brown

Suppose just by chance,

a woman happens to read a poem,

in a wrinkled, faded magazine

or a dusty computer screen:

The poem is a story,

of marriages, cruel betrayal,

and just by chance, she remembers

speaking through burning tears

of her own anguish, to a boy-

a young man really- whom she barely knew.

And suppose by chance, he was so passive and lost

in depression, he wasn't able to respond, though now

decades later in life and perhaps in the poem he wishes

he'd touched her hand or said "I'm sorry what can I do"?

and would like to send a blessing backwards in time.

And suppose by chance, she realises

how long ago all this seems,

and wonders why this poem on this particular day,

and says to herself as much as to anyone:

"Yes, yes this poem is me".

Copyright. Daniel Brown.

Daniel Brown is a retired Special Education teacher who began writing poetry as a senior. He has been published here and there including Chronogram Magazine, The New Verse News, Poetic Sun and the anthology Mightier: Poets For Social Justice and MONO among others. He thrives on waking before dawn each day to write and watch the sunrise. Daniel's Youtube channel titled ‘Poetry From Shooks Pond’ is available which he hopes people will stumble over and enjoy. He lives in beautiful upstate New York.

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