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'The Flood' by Caroline Dowse

We sit together

searching for the words

that once came easily.

We flowed all night

back and forth like waves,

talking about nothing.


Now the flood has dried up.

We swam against the tide,

now we’re drowning each other.

I can see you,

a fading rose-tinted memory;

you see me

through a bottle

warped and blurred.

The years have washed away our sheen,

exposing the rotten core.

Now there’s nothing but silence,

and I’m too tired

to swim to shore.

All Rights. Caroline Dowse.

Caroline Dowse is a student, currently studying an English with Creative Writing degree at University Centre Peterborough. She was introduced to the joys of writing poetry during the first year of her degree, and her aim is to become a full-time writer, either in fiction or poetry.

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