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'The goat in lower case' by Elana Wolff

takes on a shade of

salesmanship, tinge

of competition. Free-

wheeling it, he gloats,

I have what you want.

Boasts he knows

what I paid

for the shift

I’m wearing.

Names a price

and he’s right.

But how did he know?

And how did he manage

to pitch

with such aplomb?

Instantly, the shift

that had felt

so chic along my hips,


like a dollar


at my ankles.

I sense his

sights, his horns,

and I’m divined.

With a little

theatrical back-

light, he might

see hooves.

All Rights. Elana Wolff.

Elana Wolff lives and works in Toronto. Her poems have recently appeared (or will appear) in Arc Magazine online (Awards of Awesomeness), Best Canadian Poetry 2021, Bear Review, Canadian Literature, The Dalhousie Review, Grain, The Mantle, Montréal Serai, Taddle Creek Magazine, and Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. Her collection, SWOON, was awarded the 2020 Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Poetry; her newest collection is SHAPE TAKING (Ekstasis Editions, 2021).

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