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The Longlist - 2022 MONO. Poetry Prize

Updated: Feb 22

We are delighted to reveal the poets moving forward to the next stage of judging, many of whom have more than one poem longlisted! This list comprises what the judging panel consider to be the top 10%. These poems will now move forward into an intensive judging process, resulting in the publication of a shortlist of between 7-10 poets. We will announce the shortlist as soon as we have the results from the judge. If you're on this list you should be super proud, you're in amazing company!

Sophie DeWolf

Simon Maddrell

Dillon Jaxx

Isabella Mead

Blake Auden

B.C. Burnett

Violet Smart

Mary Mulholland

Mukahang Limbu

Eve Gore

Rosie Arcane

J.S Dorothy

Dominic Weston

Jos Harvey

Michael Brown

Priscilla Miller

Ella Metcalfe

Sandra Chambers

Eika Webb

Eve Naden

SallyAnn Ling

Nastia Svarevska

Charlotte Turner

Helen Anderson

Grace Gottlieb

Simon Parker

Tessa Foley

Niall Ashdown

Robyn Samwell

Jessica Berry

Abhainn Connolly

Sophie Willowes

Israel George

Nafia Tahar

Catherine Hou

Patrick Preston

Lee Campbell

Stacey Forbes

Alexandra Masters

Miranda Hargrave

Jo Gatford

Stephanie Powell

Jay Dixon

Meenakshi Nirmalan

Nnadi Samuel

Harry Lukakis

Maiya Calise Dambawinna

Sharan Hunjan

David Hay

Kat Beeton

Jack Cooper

Vincent Jordan