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'The Painting' by Daniel Brown

Paint on breasts, thighs,

face and head,

warm hidden places,

creates yellow, red, blue, green, orange

passionate textures on the canvas--

entwined bodies undulating

two body pallette

two body brush.

The finished painting

is observed in a gallery

casually by those strolling by

one after one

in suits and dresses,

whispering approval

longing for later

holding wine,

with no clue of

the method used

or the shower: paint trickling

down the drain, or their bed

a perfect coupling of Pollack and O'Keefe.

Copyright. Dan Brown.

Daniel Brown is a retired Special Education teacher who began writing poetry as a senior. He has been published in journals and anthologies too few to mention, but thrives on waking before dawn each day to write and watch the sunrise. He reads his poetry weekly on his Youtube channel titled ‘Poetry From Shooks Pond’which he hopes people will stumble over and enjoy. He is working on his first book tentatively titled “Poetry: All Shapes And Sizes”

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