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The moment we've all been waiting for...!

Thanks to everyone who entered the 'SANITY' poetry competition, the poetry we received was of an extraordinary standard and we have loved reading through each and every entry. With over 1000 individual poems entered, we are thrilled to announce Padraig's final shortlist:

Missing a Step on the Stairs - Caitlin Kendall

Gorgan - Daniel Schulz

Taking Acid in my Grandpa's Caravan - Ben Carr

Lost Signal - Robin Daglish

Up to the Edge - Karina Vidler

Octopus Love - Rachel Lewis

Tethered - TAK Erzinger

The Psychopath - Eve Naden

I Don't Think About Them - Lauren Oertel

In Russia, In Winter - Catherine Edmunds

Nunkin - Phillip Binding

Population: 0 - Oz Hardwick

The Knife - Jane Kite

Thirteen - Natalie Crick

This Is What It Means To Be a Prophet - Maeve Henry

By the Pond - Fern Adams

Lunatic - Sinead McClure

Winners will be contacted over the next day or so and published in full on the blog this week, along with some of the shortlisted poems. Congratulations to everyone for reaching this stage. We can't wait to share the winning poems with you!

Warmest Regards

Kayleigh & Tina

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Caitlin Kendall
Caitlin Kendall
Sep 20, 2021

So grateful to see my poem in such amazing company! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read the others! :)


Sep 20, 2021

Wow - so grateful to be on this list and I can’t wait to read the other pieces here! <3

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