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'This is the end, my only friend' (Jim Morrison) by Gary McClain Gannaway

Sitting on my condo deck,

Slicing a red pear in quarters,

Coring it and swallowing each quarter in two huge bites.

Billy Collins would understand.

Traffic buzzes unseen on the busy street in front of this complex,

Cars and buses rushing toward fatal crashes.

The red berries on the tree that reaches to my level

Look good enough to eat, but they are probably poisonous.

The steps descending from my level can be slick with ice unseen

Created overnight by freezing temperatures.

They are absolutely treacherous.

I wouldn't go down there if I were you.

Somewhere a bomb is exploding and body parts are flying.

This pen is running out of ink.

I tell you, this world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Want some red berries?

Copyright. Gary McClain Gannaway.

Gary McClain Gannaway, a retired English teacher, lives and writes in Austin, Texas. He concentrates mostly on screenplays, writing and producing horror comedy 'Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains' which is now available on Amazon Prime. He has only recently begun submitting poems and short stories to contests and journals. Gary is married with three grown sons.

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