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Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary.


MONO. is a literary journal established in 2021, inviting dark humour and brutally honest reflections on ordinary life, minus the rules. We sit firmly on the borderlines and as such, do not provide authors with a rulebook, but rather celebrate diversity and individuality from content through to presentation.


We particularly celebrate older voices, recognising that emerging authors are not identikit models, and provide space for all ages to express their creativity through themes such as mental health, menopause, trauma and sexuality. Our blog is an unapologetically eclectic mix of great writing, from humour to erotica and everything in between, but always with a deliciously dark edge. 

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NEW!!! Monthly erotica blog - send your erotic poetry, flash and short fiction to editor.monosubmissions@gmail.com before 1st of the month for inclusion. (No high romance, rape, abuse or violence ...thanks.) - ladies, lgbtq+, marginalised authors - we can't and won't do this without your voice- don't be shy!



Interested in getting involved or having your voice heard? Get in touch with MONO. for a chance to speak with an editor, or have your questions answered. For further details on submitting work see the Submissions page. For subscriptions head over to the 'About' page.

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