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6 Excellent Reasons To Buy a Copy of MONO. on Friday...

  1. It's the price of a large latte and a couple of croissants twice per year...and less calories.

  2. We are a female-led, intergenerational publication proving not only that women can get the job done, drawing on each others diverse and different experience, but also that age is no barrier to creativity or success.

  3. MONO. is a contemporary journal committed to publishing great writing from well...anybody. Which is why you'll find first-timers sandwiched between authors published in major international publications like The New Yorker.

  4. Buying a copy of MONO. supports small business and proves that the Arts are alive and well. It also enables us to work towards paying our contributors, something which we feel very strongly about.

  5. Your purchase will help us to continue hosting high quality competitions discovering new and exciting talent such as the fantastic, Lauren Oertel, winner of our recent poetry competition. Not only that, but each competition raises vital funds for a literature-based charity.

  6. ....Kayleigh is offering £10 to the first person who spots a typo. Joke. There are no typos. Obviously...

The shop will be live on Friday! Have a great week : )

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