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'Carving Myself' by Penelope Beretta

Michelangelo wanted

to free the angel

within the unyielding rock,

and I wish to do the same.

Extracting myself slowly

from the oppressive skins of infancy,

from the roles placed upon me by others,

from the people I tried to be.

I will chisel away at the exterior,

bit by bit,

pulling my identity out by the hand,

stroking her hair,

finally giving her what she’s always wanted-

the gift of acceptance.

I will float away from the cocoon and soar,

into a sky that is no longer

black and white.

Copyright. Penelope Beretta.

Penny Beretta, grew up in Northern Italy, and moved to Cornwall aged eight, whereupon she discovered a passion for reading and writing in the English language. She is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Exeter.

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