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'How to Save a Shitty Draft' by Mihan Han

Examine fungating mass with clinical detachment.

Fortify self with humility. Harden skin

(consider alcohol).

Sterilise with anti-septic skepticism.

Cut deeply.

Excise clichés like cancerous deposits.

Dissect necrotic characters from viable vistas.

Reapproximate clauses. Perfuse with plot.

Stitch with dialogue and dramatic irony.

Defibrillate with high-voltage verbs.

Check for pulse.

Check again.

All Rights. Mihan Han.

Mihan Han is a physician retraining to be a high school teacher. He is an unabashed nerd and gamer and an abashed amateur writer/musician with a small handful of publications in medical and literary journals. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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