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'Marriage' by Marc Isaac Potter

Marry me!

I am a worthless man

With a raging sex drive.

Like the great French

Of the past ages -

I don’t bathe.

Marry me!

I work at McDonald’s

Two days a week.

I love Blink 182.

Or would you marry me

If I said this:

Marry me!

I gave Florence Nightingale

One of my kidneys.

I was the inspiration

For James Tate’s

The Oblivion Ha-Ha.

I delivered mail to the

Gettysburg Address.

I gave Anthony Hopkins

His penchant for warm tea.

So now you see it.

Through the ages

Good and bad men have found mates.

Marriage is a wonderful coat.

That keeps warm

The one who puts it on.

All Rights. Marc Isaac Potter.

Marc Isaac Potter is a 71-year-old, differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area. Marc’s interests include blogging and Zen.

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