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MONO. Poetry Prize 2023 -The Longlist

The MONO. Poetry Prize 2023 attracted more poems than ever before and we are now in a position to announce the it is!

Pine/Jennifer Harrison

Counting the Cost/J.S Dorothy

Dear Bonny/Kathrin Michaelis

The Bitch/Kathrin Michaelis

Grouse Moor Beat/Bridget England

I Hope You Will Let Me Haunt You/Olivia Eggleston

Ich Liebe Dich/JP Seabright

Life Summed Up/Django Wylie

Routine Operation/Django Wylie

London Fields/Rekha Kodikara

Module 3: The Use of Silence/Sam McBeath

#Queer.Vintage/Craig Martin Getz

Butcher's-Row/Meredith Anderson

In Answer To: Why Do Morgues Hire Less Men?/Miriam Wolff

A Poem for You, While You're Waiting for the Train to Iceland/Eileen Stelter

Screening/Kat Dixon

Drums/John Dorroh

The City Asleep/Julian Dobson

The Potter's Wheel/Nathaniel Frankland

There's Nothing Left to Wreck, But I Can't Stop Wrecking/Naoise Gale

Timbre/Ajaz Qureshi

Uniform/Oz Hardwick

We Bodies Are Not/Gayathiri Kamalakanthan

Wetland Lullaby/Paris Rosemont

Thankyou to all who entered, we loved reading each and every entry and are excited to publish the shortlist and winners on the blog imminently : )

Peace & Light


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