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'On Property' by Oisin Breen

It is to the phantasm that I speak

to the lyre

to its humour conjoined

to its bucolic lung

to it,

forever twinned

to the collapsing leaves,

of autumn bloody, bent and on her knees

She forages

for berries,


and nuts.

She forages

while we lick our fattened gums,

while we guilty guard with guile,

the stockade full.

Copyright. Oisin Breen.

Oisin Breen, 36 is a poet, part-time academic in narratology and financial journalist. Dublin-born Breen's debut 'Flowers, all sorts in blossoms, figs, berries and fruits, forgotten' was released March 2020 by Hybrid Press. Breen has previously been published in journals such as Blue Nib, Seattle Star, The New English Review and Dreich magazine.

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