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'Simplify' by Gerry Stewart

I’m starting a spring clean

of fingerprinted windows

and overloaded shelves.

I need to pare down the clutter,

the built-up emotions

and baggage shoved in cupboards.

Wipe down the spider’s webs

that catch the negative thoughts

lingering in the corners.

Empty out the stacks of resentment,

clear the drawers of hoarded slights.

Vinegar-wash our dusty

compliments and acceptances

and spread them out in the sun.

Air out all the shuttered rooms,

let fresh breezes rustle

through with new opportunities.

It’s a big job, it may take

the two of us.

Copyright. Gerry Stewart.

Gerry Stewart is a poet, creative writing tutor and editor based in Finland. Her poetry collection Post-Holiday Blues was published by Flambard Press, UK. Totems is to be published by Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2022. Her writing blog can be found at and @grimalkingerry on Twitter.

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